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Making Music is a promising rendition of rap music attempting a sweet blend of new school and golden age sounds with hardcore and slightly commercial responses. The sounds are purely hip-hop and stylishly gangsta while lyrics are characteristically subtle.
Lyrically poetic and appreciably so but the album does not reflect enough innovative embrace to appeal to the continued evolution of hip-hop.
The rap features and sounds bear pinches of legendary attributes of 2-pac, the Notorious BIG, Lauryn Hill, and some other renowned tastes as well as contemporary traces of Kendrick Lamar, M.I, and Kanye West.
The Afro-infusions in the Making Music album are aptly rendered and exciting but the rythming on most of the tracks are not pleasingly refined.
The album layout is standard and some of the tracks connect to real-life folk and are indeed expressive, inspiring and revealing.  
On the overall, Making Music by Dcharlie portrays passion and it is an obstinate expression of form. It may not be viably commercially but intriguingly captivating.
A copy of the album can be gotten here,
I am sure your heads will keep nodding.

Album Review 

MY FIRST IMPRESSION BY HERNANDEZ CHUWANG ON ‘MAKING MUSIC’ ALBUM CREATED BY CHARLIEWell first of all i love the idea of a producer expressing his art in an album, you get to hear music from a whole new perspective so when i heard about the album i was super excited……..i will start with tracks on the album that blew my mind and then why i feel they are dope.

1. Microphone Crush by D charlie ft illmastah and icesizay- Once you listen to this track you will understand why it’s my fav it is a very creative song, the writing is out of this world, it reminds me of MI’s blaze, a crazy description of love abi na crush for the Mic as ill mastah puts it….the choice of words its poetic and the beats on the other hand is so smooth, a feel of old hip hop very rich thumbs up to D Charlie and ice izay did justice to the song!

2. Jezebel by D Charlie ft Sho and ice sizay- Maybe is the horns? or the is it the delivery of Sho and the writing of Jezebel’s seduction whatever it is the whole song got me grooving, its subtle but still catches your attention, icesizay again gave the song a great hook.

3.First Impressive by D Charlie ft DNA and Hagalstine Tisloh- It will interest you to knowthat the hook was done by a male called Hagalstine you will hardly tell that it wasn’t a female’s voice, he hits some pretty high notes that will shock you then DNA gave us great song writing with so much morals and he delivered it well, very clear very strong i love this track and of course the beats was dope.

4. Memory lane by D Charlie ft Kroniq – Kroniq makes you fall in love in making music, he definately caused chaos with his punch lines on this song, he makes old school hip sounds cool and still appeals to those who are not even hip hop head, i love the sound and i love the rap.I think kroniq has got a new fan.

5 Germinate by D Charlie ft Dr Smith ft MSmooth- its not fair that you have a great beat, a bad ass rapper and an awesome vocalist on one track on one song haba its too much for just one song, Dr smith delivered quite well the hook sound soooo good Germinated angelic sounds then great production from DCharlie.


The Making Music album was launched on 25th March, 2017 as history was made, oh yea! We made history. The long anticipated album which brought together some of Jtown’s finest rappers and singers dropped. Surely we couldn’t have achieved this alone without the help of some kind hearted individuals with big hearts that stood around till this moment. Leslie Dapwatda, Veronica M.Davis, Nentokmwa Jiges Cecilia, Austin Otso-Francis, Dagogot Owen, Rotji Waklek johnny227, J Dawasin Luka, 

 Pedro Omobolaji, Mabel Henry and all the MakingMusic team, we say thanks for believing in our dreams. 

Our great sponsors Studio819, Row entertainment deepwaters Inc. we all appreciate and love you. Looking forward to working with you again and again. let’s repeat history … Thank you

Charles Dcharli Nentok Dapwatda 

Making Music project is out, oh yea we made history on the 25march 2017 @ the 18street lounge the long over due album compilation of few of the jos great rappers and singers was release these we can’t achieve alone but with the help of some extraordinary gentlemen with big heart that stood around till this moment, people that believe in our dreams ;leslie dapwatda Veronica M.Davis Nentokmwa Jiges Cecilia Austin Otso-Francis Dagogot Owen Rotji Waklek johnny227 J Dawasin Luka Pedro Omobolaji Mabel Henry all the MakingMusic team our great sponsors Studio819, Row entertainment deepwaters Inc we all appreciate and love you wish to work with you again let’s repeat history … Thank you


Charles Dcharli Nentok Dapwatda

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