By Pastor Sunday Adelaja

We are created to live from the inside out, not otherwise. The energy of life itself is found on the inside of man. Even though life has its manifestation in a lot of physical realities around us, the truth nevertheless is that life fundamentally begins from the inside of us.

Before a little baby begins to perceive the concept of the outside world, he already possesses life in himself. That baby, thanks to life in him desires to eat and he cries when he wants that need met. Then later the baby goes to the rest room to further meet his or her needs. That child intuitively desires the love of the mother and cries for her. As a matter of fact, the life and responses of this child starts long before he enters the earth. Life for the child is not in the outside world where he enters after birth. Life for that baby starts when he is still inside his mother’s womb.

Life indeed my friends is inside. The life that a child comes to discover after birth and eventually as he grows up, is a complementary life to the original life that he had inside of him from his mother’s womb.

This is how life itself is meant to be. Even though we are living in the physical world, thanks to the five sensory organs, we indeed can relate to the world around us. But before we can relate to the world around us, we must relate to the world inside us individually, within ourselves. It is the life that is inside of us that allows us to use our five senses to now relate to the physical life around us. Jesus revealed that great truth to us when He said:

“…For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21

Indeed Jesus came to restore us back to God’s original purpose. The kingdom of God is not around us, the kingdom of God is within us. The kingdom of God is not outside us, no! The kingdom of God is within us. Since the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit among many other things, it thereby means that we shouldn’t be looking for our joy from things outside, neither our peace nor our righteousness. All these things are in the kingdom of God which is within us.

The point I am trying to make ladies and gentlemen, is that God’s original idea for man is not to be controlled, ruled or directed by things he sees, hears or relates to in the physical realm. No, he is supposed to initiate life, actions, reactions, visions, goals, missions, directions, from the reality of life that is within him. Life is meant to be lived inside out, not outside in. that is why we must train our spirit man to be strong enough to supersede and be stronger than our sensory organs. That is on one hand.

On the other hand, we must train our soul features like our minds, will, intellect, feelings, to learn to relate in perfect harmony with our spirit man. It is that symbiosis in relationship between the spirit and the soul, that allows us to be in charge of our inner man. It also enables us to communicate our inner processes to the outside world. Without a developed relationship between the features of the soul and the spirit man, we will not have the means to tell the world and communicate with the outside world what is going on in our spirit man.

To be continued tomorrow {Part 2}.

By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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