Making music Album review by Plangkat Deepthought Dallang

 Making Music is a rap album with great potentials that tries to achieve that fine-line between contemporary rap music and the traditional/golden age hip-Hop sound. After listening to the album (severally), I can say a unique blend between each instrumental and artist were achieved to great levels, then the lyrical effort by the featured artists was/is quite commendable. Some of my personal favorites in no particular order include:

1) At a glance ft Raheed tha Wisdomist x Pegie
2) Germinate ft Lyrical Dr. Smith
3) 1st impression ft DNA
4) Microphone crush ft Illmaster
5) Rose petals ft Kxng Whiz & Smooth

One other thing I truly appreciated and continuously commended Charlie for, was the mastering & sound engineering of the project, the crisp 👌 clarity of the entire album is quite impressive. 👌👌

However, one thing the album did not quite display is the creative evolution of the art, it might have been intentional, depending on what the maker of the album wanted to achieve, but such blends, if creatively done, enables the artist to create new sounds that could appeal to both the golden age and contemporary listeners. 

Basically, Making Music is a well thought of and properly worked on album that’s worth the listen.


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