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Making music
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Master Mode (Ahmed, Mohammed Shaibu)
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Making Music is a promising rendition of rap music attempting a sweet blend of new school and golden age sounds with hardcore and slightly commercial responses. The sounds are purely hip-hop and stylishly gangsta while lyrics are characteristically subtle.
Lyrically poetic and appreciably so but the album does not reflect enough innovative embrace to appeal to the continued evolution of hip-hop.
The rap features and sounds bear pinches of legendary attributes of 2-pac, the Notorious BIG, Lauryn Hill, and some other renowned tastes as well as contemporary traces of Kendrick Lamar, M.I, and Kanye West.
The Afro-infusions in the Making Music album are aptly rendered and exciting but the rythming on most of the tracks are not pleasingly refined.
The album layout is standard and some of the tracks connect to real-life folk and are indeed expressive, inspiring and revealing.  
On the overall, Making Music by Dcharlie portrays passion and it is an obstinate expression of form. It may not be viably commercially but intriguingly captivating.
A copy of the album can be gotten here,
I am sure your heads will keep nodding.


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