Single Dija by Noless 

Leslie ‘No’less’ Dapwatda is a singer/songwriter/ who believes in fusing artistry with spirituality creating a holistic-harmonic balance between the two giving the listener a real spiritual experience in the physical. No’less which is short for nothing less simply summarizes the mans intentions and approach to whatever he does.No’less was born and raised in Nigeria where he started his musical journey. A self taught keyboardist, guitarist and flutist, Ukuleleist, No’less honed his art by hanging around studios and working as a session man in several studios. No’less left the shores of Nigeria in 2007 and established a base in the United States of America. He continued to hone his artistry by constantly working and seeking to better himself. This paid off when he completely recreated his style by experimenting with new sounds. His blend of R&B, Afro, Arewa Hausa flavor, Reggae, Alternative, jazz and different styles gave birth to what you hear today.


Leslie ‘No’less’ Dapwatda is a Captain in the US Army with two tours under his belt. He served in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) where he led a platoon of combat Engineers in a war zone.

His passion for music started long before he joined the Army. No’less is a singer/songwriter/producer. His musical experience span over a decade and half with great songs, recordings and top notch clientele to his credit. His melodic fusion of Hausa and English gave birth to the love song that is about to hit the airwaves.

Now based in Seattle, Washington, No’less continues to write and produce for himself and other artistes while he hosts his living room concert series. “Dija”, a song from his forth coming album titled “Broken” is a single that will be released 5 Jan 16.



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