Salute to JosMufasa 1972-2015

Tribute to JosMufasa.
They came with guns and inhuman faces.

Invaded the jungle, shot my Lionesses, 

killed my brothers 

and like Kunta Kinte took me beaten into a cage
I thought they hated Forty Years of Slavery

But humans are Higher Animal too.

I miss my Jungle, my park, every time I roar. 

Broken to feed on carcasses
I, king of the Jungle beaten to a slave

Beneath my mane of guilt I buried my head in shame 

behind iron cages and stinking caves
I forced my powers down

Kept my strength reined, calm for the children to smile
I tried to Prison Break, 

Imagined a glorious return to Africa to Madagascar 

Freedom again to find

From this forty some years of slavery
See, home is where my Pride Land is 

Now where my pride lies dead, desecrated
JosMufasa king of the Jungle is killed
Taken in an old barrow, No respect, no dignity…

Alas! The jungle mourns. 
Let’s not JosRead, lets

JosNotRead about Lions in story books
Let’s build a heaven for lions! For wildcats!

Salute to JosMufasa 1972-2015
#WordsHaveMercy #Decipher


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