It is a known fact that since the coming of this government into office on 29th May 2015 in Plateau State, Communities like Ropp, Sho, Jol, Sopp, Rakung and many more have been under attack with their houses completely burnt down by Fulani Herdsmen, People have been killed on their farms by this same set of People within this short period. Recently two Students of Dalo Memorial High School Foron were killed by the Fulani’s Popularly Known as unknown gunmen who within that same week tried to attack a community close to the school but were faced with resistance by the community’s Vigilante group.

These same marauders came trying to attack the same community at Foron Junction after two Months but were repelled and chased into the bush no one said a word.


Yesterday being 11th August 2015 the Story was not different; two communities of Kwi in Riyom Local government were attacked by the so-called unknown gunmen burning down every shelter, displacing women and Children yet an online news platform saw it different and came up with a news caption “BEROM TERRORISTS ATTACK BARIKIN LADI IN PLATEAU”. The news carried out by them is malicious, selfish, callous, bias and a slap to professional Journalism, Part of the news reads as thus: 


“The Berom terrorists are reportedly being heavily armed by their leaders who lost election to Lalong’s APC. The Jonah Jang camp promised to make Lalong’s Government ungovernable.”

No doubt this is a multiplied effort to paint the Berom black even when everyone one knows that the Berom dominate 99.9% inhabitants of that LGA and they have being at the receiving end. How then will Berom terrorist attack Barkinladi…? Who are they trying to defeat?

Reading this news article without having a critical Mind one will think the news came from Lalong’s Camp but on a second thought I think some People are capitalising on a situation to achieve their devilish agenda.


To a government that has promise to unite Plateau Sons and Daughters, I hereby wish to call on her to dissociate herself from this news article and also ensure appropriate action is taken against those trying to create disharmony among Plateau Indigenes. 

They should come out in clear terms acknowledging the attacks on Plateau Citizens in their Villages being carried out by herdsmen; We may have our differences but not as bad as it has been projected.

The Beroms are the ones being Terrorised and not the other way round; Please People should stop playing politics with Human Lives.


May God help us to End this Menace and also Bless Plateau State


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