Akon is a multi-platinum artist with an uncanny ability to crowd a dance floor, but there’s more to the “Locked Up” singer than meets the ear. Born in America and raised in Senegal, Akon has a global perspective and is as passionate about politics as he is music. May 2015, the singer presented plans for his Akon Lights Africa Academy — with goals to bring sustainable electricity to 600 million homes in Africa — to the United Nations. But it’s not the first major political statement he’s made.

Back in 2008, Akon vowed to give up his citizenship if John McCain was elected president. “The decisions he makes scare me,” explained Akon, pointing specifically to his nomination ofSarah Palin as his running mate. “He’s making selfish decisions, he’s doing whatever it takes to get into office.”

In 2010, when partisan fatigue had reached a new peak, Akon partnered with New York-based organization No Labels to encourage voters to look beyond party politics for common sense. ‘Kon wrote a song for the movement, with lyrics like, “He’s a Democrat/ He’s Republican/ There’s a fight and a race who’s gonna win?/ Put your differences aside, ‘man up’ you can/ ‘Cause there’s way too many people sufferin’/ I wish they didn’t have ‘No Labels’/ There’d be more change with ‘No Labels.’”

Social Responsibility

The singer has always been passionate about giving back. Through his Konfidence Foundation and Akon Lighting Africa, he proves that hard work is the strongest political statement.


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