Plateau politics

Plateau state governor Jonah Jang is the face of his state democracy , but his family members are also believed to wield a powerful influence on issues facing the state.

In the past year, as pressure on the state increased, jang’s inner circle has become more of a family affair,

“That’s part of what Jang has been doing ever since he came to power. “He has put members of his extended family … in various parts of government apparatus. If the day came — and it did come — where there was a threat to the regime, he could count on the loyalty of those closest to him.”anarchy”

But come to think of it, at some point I go with his whole idea of protecting his regime/dynasty if I am in his shoe coming from grass to grace?
Sometime ago I made some pips and we got involve in serous political issues I came to understand plateau state politics is a delicate one,
Today different ethnic groups believe they are the majority and the have prime power on how ,when and who they want to govern the state forgetting that our forefathers forth for a unify government.

The wind of leadership is blowing
Let’s wait and see whom the wind picks



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